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Open House SIC Meeting / Parent Teacher Conference Night

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Time: 5:30 PM

Question of the Night: How can the school and home work together to improve home/school relations?

Facilitator: Dr. Bradley, Principal


Suggestions from teachers and parents…



v Check Folders Daily

v Hold students more accountable for getting school and homework completed

v Visit the school to check student progress

v Work harmoniously with teacher to achieve desired results

v Constant communication with teacher and principal

v Engage more with your children in expressive language

v Encourage positive conversation and feedback

v Join class Dojo

v Assist with homework

v Make appointments to see the teacher to discuss your child’s progress during the teacher’s planning or after school

v Current phone numbers to contact parents

v Inform parents of what is going on well in advance

v Timing, Communication, and Dedication

v Understanding, Open Table Talk

v Make meetings mandatory

v Mail Information home

v Have a teacher parent conference monthly with a great dinner: Chicken Dinner

v Reach out to parents by phone to inform them of meetings and their children’s progress in the classroom

v Send more information home with students

v Do more activities involving family

v Communicate better, Automated calls

v Send home flyers