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Principal's Message


Greetings West Lee Tiger Family,


During the 2023-2024 SY, we focused on the importance of teamwork. Teamwork for West Lee was coming together in unison to achieve a common goal which was the success and well-being of our students and staff. Students learned to work together by participating in various activities and programs throughout the year, and staff members participated in monthly team-building exercises to strengthen relationships which in turn lead to collaborative interactions across grade levels. There was no task that I gave my West Lee Team that we could not accomplish. We are a small school, but we did not focus on the size of the team; instead we focused on the size of the hearts of each individual on the team. The work that we do comes from the heart which gives us hope in knowing that no dream is too grand or impossible for West Lee to achieve. Our hearts are in the right place and that is to continue to see West Lee flourish above any obstacle or challenge. Teamwork has allowed us to see the significance of coming together. 


As we begin to close out the year, please remember the important testing dates below. Students will need to be present and on time. Make certain that students get a good night’s rest before each test. The continuous success of the school will depend on test performance. Let us continue to motivate and encourage our young people to do their best.


Your Proud Principal,


Dr. Veronica K. Bradley